Engineering Solutions

Corrosion & Materials

    At SNIS we have a dedicated materials and corrosion engineering team who defines the material of construction during feed stage of a project, develop and witness the quality controls requirements during fabrication, installation and commissioning of process equipment. we also provide support services for corrosion damage mechanism identification and further FFS studies to estimate remaining life of an asset.

    Key features of our materials and corrosion service are:

    • Gate-keeping on available/applied metallic/non-metallic materials of construction and degradation mechanisms for the upstream/downstream business
    • Materials selection and technical advice for projects, operations, modifications and maintenance
    • Welding and other joining technologies
    • Fitness for service assessments against a range of degradation mechanisms
    • Refractories, Linings and Coatings
    • Prediction, modelling and mitigation of materials degradation
    • Corrosion mitigation (inhibition, cathodic protection (CP), corrosion under insulation (CUI) etc.)